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All eyes are indeed on the river... This is big, bigger than big! One last impression to save for memory, one last glimpse so as not to forget, one last chance to have a story for the next generation, and the next... Where were you when...? And one last chance to appreciate and honor a river that has sustained life, and upheld civilizations long ago vanished. All eyes are fixed on a moment in history, this moment.

Scorpio Dogs Productions presents:

Holding Ground under Water

Three Gorges Photography - Gazing on Old Wanzhou - Along the Yangtze, in China's Three Gorges region, people are watching and staring everywhere at the quickly changing landscape. - Nov. 2002
Holding Ground under Water is part of an ongoing photo and video documentary on the human impact of the Three Gorges Dam project.
All photographs copyright Ben Sandler.  Please do not use without permission.