Three Gorges Probe is dedicated to covering the scientific, technical, economic, social, and environmental ramifications of completing the Three Gorges Project, as well as the alternatives to the dam.
IRN supports local communities working to protect their rivers and watersheds.
More Three Gorges Photography
Bill Zorn Photography-
Black and white images of areas to be submerged, and people to be relocated
Steven Benson Photography
The Cost of Power in China: The Three Gorges Dam and the Yangtze River Valley
New works by Edward Burtynsky
Jeffrey A. Austin Photography
Black and white, and color images from the dam site, and areas to be submerged.
Jennifer Lim Photography
Images that capture the last-ditch tourist frenzy to the Three Gorges
The Vanishing
Color images by Ian Teh
Peter J. van Agtmael
Photos of the dam site, river scenes and demolition.
Michael Wolf
Photos of the dam in it's mid-stage of construction, along with cities to be submerged.
The Three Gorges :: The Last Spring Before the Flood
Black and white images by James Whitlow Delano
Reading Material
Originally published in 1989, Yangtze! Yangtze! is credited with pressuring the State Council to postpone the dam, and adding momentum to the democracy movement. Banned in China, the book also landed author Dai Qing 10 months in prison.
The River Dragon Has Come! is another monumental work by the courageous Chinese writer Dai Qing. It tells the story of how government officials and dam boosters are manipulating common sense, economics, and politics to promote the Three Gorges dam.
Before the Deluge captures the sense of the daily life, traditions, and history of the people who live along the Upper Yangtze's Three Gorges area. By Deirdre Chetham
ISBN 0-312-21417-0