Three Gorges Images - Luck has Come - The character on the flag above the man’s head means ‘luck’, except that it’s turned upside-down. In Mandarin, ‘upside-down’ and ‘has arrived’ are pronounced exactly the same. - Dec. 2001
Three Gorges Images - Chai 2 - This stone, along with all of the condemned houses in this Qingxi alley, were dutifully demolished ahead of schedule. - June 2002
Three Gorges Photography - Chai 3
Three Gorges Photography - Fuling Salvage - Salvaging for metal and bricks in the 'aftermath' Fuling's waterfront demolitions. - June 2002
Three Gorges Photography - Zhongxian Alley -
Three Gorges Images - Chai 4 - Fengdu, China

A Character to Remember

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Three Gorges Photography - Chai 5 - Qingxi, China