Faces of Resettlement

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Three Gorges Resettlement - Untitled - Pingxiba - Eight generations have farmed, harvested silworms and lived in this condemned house. The lifestyle is now over, and the house is was knocked down in Sept. 2002. - June 2002
Three Gorges Resettlement - Qingxi Reflection Three Gorges Resettlement - Untitled - Xiao Taiwan - Standing in front of what's left of her neighbor's home, (name omitted) says, "Shoot this, shoot this. This is Three Gorges resettlement." - Oct. 2002 Three Gorges Photography - “Wholesale” - Eggs for sale just minutes before thousands of sticks of dynamite blast away what’s left of the waterfront area of Fengjie.Nov. 2002
Three Gorges Resettlement - Madu Boatman - The water has already risen in the "Littlest" Three Gorges,
Three Gorges Photography - Faces of Resettlement - Pingxiba, otherwise known as Little Taiwan, is a small island in the middle of the Yangtze River. The present community can trace their roots back 700 years on the island. About 1000 people are now being evacuated. - June 2002
Three Gorges Photography - Untitled - Wanzhou