Three Gorges Photographs - Last Alley - Demolition has stopped at the back door to each house along this alley in Fuling. - June 2002
Three Gorges Photographs, Portraits - Untitled - Qingxi - “Yao ban (I will be moving),” she says as she stands by the path greeting passersby. - Oct. 2002
Three Gorges Photography - Zhongxian Alley

Portraits of Resettlement

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Three Gorges Photography - Super Yo-Yo - Little emigrants next to the soon to be destroyed elementary school in Shibao town. - June 2002
Three Gorges Portraits - Sisters - Qingxi - With nowhere to go yet, mostly older people remain guarding the deserted alleys of Qingxi. - June 2002
Three Gorges Photography - Untitiled - Fuling
Three Gorges Photography - Untitled - Shibao - The old city of Shibao, during high tourist season, saw a steady stream of 30,000 daily visitors to the temple attraction. The new city will see no such influx of money. - June 2002