Yangtze River Cities - Gaojia Meat Stand - Seemingly out of nowhere, amidst the rubble, appear vendors hoping that demolition workers might appreciate some convenience in shopping. - Dec. 2001 Yangtze River Cities - Wanzhou Riverfront - Wanzhou is located roughly 300 kilometers upstream from the construction site of the Three Gorges Dam - this city stands to lose much of its bustling waterfront when the dam is completed, and the reservoir is filled. - Dec. 2001 Three Gorges Photographs - Dachang Old City - One of the largest cluster of Ming and Qing dynasty houses temporarily remains in this section of Dachang. Residents are being moved to far off coastal areas of China. Some of their houses will be dismantled and moved to higher ground for "preservation". Former residents may choose to visit their ancestral homes, but strictly as tourists. - June 2002
Yangtze River Cities - Eye on Shibao - The hamlet that can be seen from the Shibaozhai Temple has since been destroyed. The plan is to build a wall around the pagoda to protect it from inundation. - Dec. 2001

The Cities

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Yangtze River Cities - Yun'an-reflection - In June 2003, the water in this tributary to the Yangtze will rise to just above the span of the walking bridge. - Nov. 2002
Three Gorges Photographs - Zhongxian Bank Three Gorges Photography - Fengdu Market Three Gorges Photographs - Kaixian on High - Despite it's location over a hundred kilometers from the Yangtze, all of Kaixian city, along with the fertile low lying valley, will be submerged under just several meters of water; just enough to forever transform the whole region. - Oct 2002