Three Gorges  Dam Photos - Three Gorges Dam 11-02 - Two kilometers wide, 185 meters high, 26 generators producing 18.2 millions kilowatts of elecricity, at an estimated cost of 43 billion U.S. dollars and displacing an estimated 1.2 to 1.9 million people. - Nov. 2002
Three Gorges Photography - Fuling Wall - This barrier wall, meant to hold back the rising Yangtze reservoir, is 500 kilometers from the dam site. It will theoretically prevent the city of Fuling from having to compromise more of it's waterfront than it already has. - Oct. 2002
Three Gorges Photography - From Wushan Docks - The two hillside markers indicate the water level expected in 2003, and the higher one in 2009. - Dec. 2001
Three Gorges Dam Photos - The Dam - Three Gorges Dam Ship Locks - This is one of five consecutive locks that will be required to lift and lower ships between the reservoir and the Yangtze. - Dec. 2001 and Nov. 2002 Three Gorges Photography - Fengjie Falling - 10:50am - Crowds gathered on hillsides, rooftops, bridges, and balconies to witness the last remaining buildings fall to the ground. - Nov. 4, 2002 Three Gorges Photography - Shibaozhai Temple - The Yangtze

The Dam

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