Please feel free to access the video sequence below from the documentary 'Water, Water.'
Produced by Four Square Productions Canada, this three-part documentary series
examines this century's next great challenge, managing the world's water resources.

The location video for this Three Gorges sequence was shot by myself, Ben Sandler,
and licensed to the Water, Water series. The clips, editing, voiceover, music, animation
and other visuals are used here with permission from Four Square Productions Canada.

Four Square Productions Canada's website is (contact them by writing
to Please contact them for more information regarding licensing
or home sales of the series Water, Water. If you live in Canada, you can watch the world
premier of Water, Water on May 20th, 2005 on Discovery Channel Canada.

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Windows Media: (not quite yet)

Page is under construction, more video of China's
Threee Gorges is coming.

For now you can see some more video on the International River's Network
site. The first 5 or so minutes was shot by me, and the remainder by
South China Morning Post writer Jasper Becker.

This requires the Real Player. Click here to watch.